There is no greater testimony to the quality of services we provide than the reactions of our patients, their families and our helpful suppliers. Below are just some of the many positive comments we have received….


Judy’s regular physiotherapy sessions over many years have been the one thing which I have found to be helpful in managing my MS above all other interventions. Always cheerful and encouraging, she has helped maintain as much mobility in my body as possible and has been an excellent source of information about equipment and other aspects of the general management of my MS. I cannot recommend her highly enough



I have Progressive MS and am in a wheelchair. I can stand with help and walk a little with crutches. Judy Skinner has treated me for years. During that time I have deteriorated but Judy has been a constant support. Without her hard and sometimes painful help at manipulating my body I am sure I would by now be totally wheelchair-bound, but as it is I have a busy and very full life. I  still cook lunch for all those who work here - 6 to 8 people 5 days a week -  and my home is always full. Judy comes to my home and we work for an hour a  week. I try to continue with her exercises every day. Her enthusiasm and  knowledge is wonderful and apart from keeping my body going Judy has been a tremendous friend and ally in my battle against this appalling condition



My wife D is severely disabled with primary progressive MS and has no physical movement from the neck down. For the last several years she has been receiving physio from a regional MS Centre but in reality these visits have been little more than 'gentle stretches' and for some time we felt D might benefit from extra physio involving a slightly more robust approach.


Thanks again for all your help



We were recommended to Judy a few months ago by a disability organisation in Taunton who manage D's CHC budget for us and were delighted to find that Judy specialised in physio for people with neurological conditions. D has been seeing Judy once a week for the last few months and it's fair to say that while always taking great care not to cause any pain to D's considerably weakened muscles, Judy's more physical form of physio goes some way beyond simple stretches. Because of the severity of D's condition we have been realistic in not to expect miracles but we have been excited to see that there is still some life left in her muscle system and in some cases life, however small, where there seemed to be none before. Denise always knows when she has had a work-out with Judy, which is as it should be! Judy has also been a great help to us in liaising with the Exeter Mobility Centre in updating D's wheelchair as well as being able to advise on local care homes that provide respite breaks. We are very happy to recommend Judy. 

D's husband & carer (that'll be me!!)


Writing on behalf of my wife Hazel, who had a serious stoke 6 1/2 years ago and who has been having physio ever since with Judy Skinner, a very experienced, supportive and understanding physiotherapist.

When Hazel left hospital she was told that she would never walk again. Having now been taken under her wing, Judy has now developed Hazel’s ability to walk with a four wheeled walker or a quad-stick [with a reassuring hand], progress indeed. Thank you very much Judy.

George Earl



Judy has provided my client with outstanding specialist physiotherapy services; attentive assessment of my client's needs, creative thinking to help improve my client's walking, balance and posture, and on going support for the long term improvement and continued well being of my client. Judy has tailored her physiotherapy sessions around my client's needs, which has been the key to his successful outcome. 
Leila Gamaz (Support Team Leader )


Judy Skinner has been my physiotherapist for 6 years now and she has been my rock and saviour. I have found her to be very professional, caring, friendly and extremely good at her job. She has enhanced my mobility, and she has also helped me come to terms with my disability



After my ‘massive’ stroke in 2004 and 2 x 10 hour brain operations, I was transferred to a rehab unit to learn how to walk, talk, swallow, and although I still have difficulties with swallowing & walking at times thanks to Judy’s incredible talent (which she disputes) Judy taught me how to run & I completed a marathon a year after getting out of my wheelchair & 7 months after my second operation. Some said I may not walk again but at 31 I was not going to give up. After being discharged from the NHS I convinced Judy to move into private practice & I immediately ‘jumped’ on the opportunity to get treatment from her. Having had continued treatment from Judy I am now able to move my arm into positions I couldn’t before without extreme discomfort. I have some functional ability with my hand & with Judy’s continued support & treatment I Know I WILL regain full functional movement/ ability. Many say the progress you make within the first 2 years post stroke is the only progress you will make! This is rubbish while it may be a fact that the quicker you get treatment & the progress you make in the first 2 years is vital DO NOT think that is it, talking from experience I continue to improve 8 years on. To close I must state an important fact that the BOBATH method of neurological treatment works & I am living proof of that! Good luck to those who have had a stroke – get this type of treatment as quickly as you can by the best you can.


Adam From Devon, UK



My Mum (79) fell ill and spent six weeks in hospital. From healthy to skin and bone within that time period, unable to move in her bed without help. The Dr's did not believe she would walk again, nor regain all her mental facilities or be able to communicate clearly. We moved Mum to a nursing home and a friend recommended we contact Judy to see if as a neuro physiotherapist she could help. The first three months was hard work and slow progress. Daily exercises and fortnightly visits from Judy, becoming weekly as progress increased. Gradually Mum started to come back, mentally and physically. After seven months Mum was moving around with the help of a stick or frame and no longer required help in the bathroom.
Progress has continued through improving balance and regaining strength. With physical improvements Mum continues to come back mentally. We cannot thank Judy enough for how she has bought Mum back.



I am grateful for the continuous professional care which my wife receives at the hands of Judy Skinner. My wife is in a wheelchair with limited movement following a severe stroke several years ago, and I know that without Judy's patient encouragement to do her exercises and to have her muscles stretched, my wife would not have the movement (albeit limited) in her limbs and body which she has today.

Jonathan. Milverton.


Judy has been working with my father for almost two years. She started to see him fifteen months after he suffered a dense stroke. Due to her flexible approach and encouragement he continues to make steady improvements. 



Could I, please, take this opportunity to thank you for your input and support since the spring of 2010. We would not have got this far without you! 


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